Redwood City adopted an Accessory Dwelling Ordinance

Redwood City produced a Brochure on its ADUs



  • With Single-Family Home – ADUs may be located on the same property as an existing or proposed single-family dwelling. ADUs are not permitted in conjunction with a duplex, triplex or multi-family dwelling.
  • Allowed Zones – The lot must be located in the RH, R-1, R-2, R-3, R- 4, and R-5 zoning districts.
  • One Per Lot – May be attached to the house or detached in the rear yard. Only one ADU per property is allowed.

Maximum Size:

No limitation on number of bedrooms.

  • 700 sq. ft. for any ADU.
  • 800 sq. ft. for ADUs that meet accessibility standards in the building code (11A Standards).
  • 900 sq. ft. for ADUs on RH or R-1 lots of 10,000 sq. ft. or more.

Parking: No additional parking is required.

Detached ADUs:

  • Lot Coverage – The detached ADU counts towards the maximum lot coverage for the zoning district.
  • Setbacks – Must be 10 ft. from the rear property line, at least 6 ft. from any other structure and meet the minimum side yard setback for the zoning district.
  • Required Rear Yard Coverage – Cannot cover more than 50 percent of the required rear yard area.
  • Height – Height is limited to 14 ft. If the ADU is part of a second story over a detached garage, the minimum setback is 5 ft. Second stories on detached garages are only permitted for ADUs.
  • Fire Sprinklers – Fire sprinklers are not required.
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Redwood City text of ADU Ordinance

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