Daly City Secondary Units

Daly City uses the term Secondary Units to describe ADUs.

Their codes can be seen in Chapter 17.40.100 of their Municipal Code


1. There shall be no more than one secondary unit per lot or parcel;

2. The principal and secondary unit shall meet all development standards for the residential zoning district in which it is located;

3. Occupancy of one of the two units shall be the owner(s) of record;

4. The secondary unit shall meet the standards of the building, fire and other applicable health and safety codes;

5. The secondary unit shall not occupy more than the twenty-five percent of the total floor area of the building, including any proposed addition;

6. Two off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each secondary unit, in addition to the parking required for the principal dwelling. The required four parking spaces shall be provided in a configuration as approved by the planning division. The additional two spaces may be provided in an existing driveway provided that all of the following criteria are met:

a. The parking spaces do not interfere with motorist sight distances,

b. The parking spaces are of sufficient size so that parked vehicles do not block the sidewalk,

c. Providing the space within the garage area is physically or economically infeasible to accommodate two additional parking spaces in configuration as approved by the city planner,

d. The principal dwelling has an existing, legal curb to accommodate required parking,

e. An automatic garage door opener is installed and maintained in working condition,

f. The garage and driveway are maintained in a usable condition and are not used for storage of material, equipment or inoperable vehicles if such storage necessitates parking a resident’s vehicle on the street. Whenever the garage or driveway is available, residents are required to use them;

7. The secondary unit shall be consistent with the purpose, goals and objectives of the General Plan and will not result in a new residential density in excess of the established density factor.


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