Craig A. Rogers Construction
3914 Wellington Square
San Jose, CA 95136
(408) 978-5484
Contractor’s License: 978553


About Craig A. Rogers

Craig A. Rogers began building in 1973. He worked for Blackwell Homes until 1980 when he earned his General Contractors License from the State of California and launched his personal business, Craig A. Rogers Construction General Building Contractor.

From 1980 through 1985 Craig’s business consisted of mainly rough framing jobs mixed with a few single story remodels. While he continued to do the smaller jobs, Craig’s quest toward larger jobs was realized as he began to develop several properties throughout the Silicon Valley through the late 1980’s. In addition to developing Craig was also involved in building at the opposite end of the spectrum, custom homes. He would purchase individual lots and build a single or multi story home, depending on the area and the demographics of the area, and enlist a private realtor to sell the property. He was able to capitalize on the prosperous economy of the period and was able to develop and sell well over 100 homes by the early 1990’s.

From 1990 to present, Craig Rogers has continued to establish himself and his company as a prominent builder in the Silicon Valley with his quality room additions, remodels, and custom homes. In 2002 Craig’s reputation began to skyrocket to the elevated level that it stands at today with the building of a 5,400 sq. ft. home near the Calero Reservoir in Almaden Valley, his first major custom home in the last decade, Craig has built up his reputation and business to its current state where he has approximately 6-8 customs and 9-11 remodels and room additions, as well as, 1-3 spec houses he has recently began to experiment with. A very manageable number, since he now has a little more help from his family.

What was once a company ran solely Craig with the help from his wife Debbie is now a family operation. Craig’s son Gary is out in the field acting as a customer liaison, ensuring that customers know exactly how the process works and keeping them updated and informed of everything they will need to do to keep their project on track. Craig’s daughter, Sharon is in charge of making sure the office portion of the business runs smooth. Finally, Sharon’s husband Chris is one of Craig’s leading framers, with a knack for going above and beyond to infuse the most creativity into the homes he builds.