We prefer to install the foundation, deliver and install the floor, walls and roof, and complete the waterproof membrane, even when a customer wants to undertake the internal and external finishes.  This ensures that the  building is square and level and is firmly attached to the foundations.

Typical YardPod

A 10ft x 12ft YardPod starts at about $8,000 for an insulated weatherproofed DIY version (owner finishes interior and exterior walls). A turnkey YardPod starts at about $15,000, delivered, installed and completed, but is more typically $18,000+ with drywall interior. Actual pricing will depend on the level of finishes and the cost of the door and windows.

Custom YardPod

CUSTOM can be anything from a Studio to an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), to a home.  We recently designed three homes ranging from 550 sq ft to 1200 sq ft.  Because the YardPod CUSTOM is completely custom designed, actual pricing will depend on the size, level of finishes and the fittings and fixtures.

Please call to discuss your specific requirements.