The YardPod® CLASSIC family is manufactured in a series of modular panels in our facility in Penngrove, Sonoma California.  These unique modular panels are 4ft wide for floor, 4ft or 2ft wide for walls and 2ft wide for the roof.  Panels and are manufactured complete with doors and windows, and both internal and external finishes.  We can also pre-wire for electrical, or pre-plumb for plumbing in the factory.


8x8 YardPod CLASSIC Mock-Up in factory

8×8 YardPod CLASSIC Mock-Up in factory

Benefits of the YardPod CLASSIC

  • Modular design reduces cost
  • Wall panels can be mixed and matched to be solid, contain a window or contain a door.
  • 1-5 day assembly, unique panel design minimizes assembly and finish work on site.
  • Zero waste at the job site as everything is prefabricated
  • Wood is FSC-Certified
  • Insulation is recycled denim
  • Interior and exterior finishes can be used as delivered, or can be customized by homeowner
  • Many doors and window types and sizes